Manufacturing Career Tool

Interested in a manufacturing career? Great! Explore the links below to see if a career in manufacturing might be a good fit for you.

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Made in Minnesota

There are so many incredible products and parts made right here in Minnesota. Here are a few examples:

Manufacturing Careers Provide a Great Lifestyle

Think about some of the things you like – music, clothes, cars, computers, etc. Why not be a part of making those things? Manufacturing jobs are dependable, their work environments are positive, and many of them can support their family comfortably with one income. If you love to create, you might want to be an engineer that designs products. If you really like working with your hands or are interested in robotics, you could find yourself in production. Whatever your interests are, we guarantee you can find an area to channel your energy in manufacturing.

Here are a few examples of cool things manufacturers do every day:

  • Work with robots
  • Travel around the world
  • Find new ways to make processes more efficient
  • Design new innovative products

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“We build a lot of one-off parts, so we are not running thousands of them, that’s what I liked. I like the R & D (research & development) aspect. Somebody brings you something that’s never been done before, and [asks] ‘Hey, can you build this part?”

– Seth Anderson, CNC Programmer